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twyla jones
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I am a multi-passionate creative who specializes in creating unique, powerful, and emotive images. My approach is rooted in my ability to be fully present in the moment and tap into my curiosity and creativity. I find limitless creative possibility in allowing myself to sink into creative flow and find inspiration in every moment that enables me to create unique work inspired by my subjects and surroundings. I am particularly drawn to light, movement, and the expression of moments through body language. To truly unlock your own creativity and create images that resonant with YOU, I believe that coming to my photography shoots with an open mind and a willingness to observe and be inspired by the creative process of others is key. In my workshops, I will be sharing my techniques and strategies for creating emotive images and providing guidance and feedback during the shoot-out session. Each attendee will also have the opportunity to direct and focus on the model(s) themselves.

Aug 4, 9-1030am Redwoods 

Aug 4 630-9pm Beach 

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