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august 3-6

registration closed
event is sold out

VIP Pass $2000

total of 15 contents

*Opening night event with keynote speaker, social gathering with leaders and dinner 

*6 contents 2 hours each, at different locations of leader's choices depending on type of gigs

*VIP Beach Event: 5 extra contents where you rotate in small groups for 5 different themes on the beach (Friday, Aug 4)

*Closing event with brunch and critique panel curated by selected leaders

*stay at Fern River Resort for 3 nights

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Contents Pass $700

total of 5 contents

*VIP Beach contents only (august 4th at Half Moon Bay), 5 stations led by 5 different photographers

LIMITED seatings, 2 left and cannot overlap with other events

aug 2023 schedule 


registration, opening keynote speaker and social gathering VIPs only


3 Contents & VIP Beach event with 5 contents


4 Contents with last part being on the beach


VIP Brunch and Critique Panel with Closing Keynote

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