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2021 Retreat's Teachers & Courses

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Neha Balachandran

Melanin: Editorial Aesthetics Portraitures

Real time footage of how to use lights, choose right location and editing tips on how to edit skin tones, how to interact with the models as well as posing tips. Photo examples provided and PDF.

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Monica Bartels

Empowering She: Boudoir Photography

This course give in depth tips on how to make your female clients comfortable, how to choose right locations, what styling and vibes to seek for. In addition to this, the teacher has provided behind the scene footages and photo examples.

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Cat Cassidy

All Within the Palm of Your Hand: Smartphone and Lightroom Editing

How to use your smartphone to get photos, what to look for as you shoot- mainly documentary and lifestyle approach- and how to edit your photos through using Lightroom Mobile App with real time examples and photo examples.



Clare Cassidy

Four Different Courses

  • Writing with Different Lights: covers different type of lights with specific examples and keywords

  • Elements of a Beach Session: tips include how to make great images using the elements of the beach. Photo examples and behind the scene footages

  • Emotive & Storytelling Family Portraitures: tips on how to do pre session planning and how to direct and give prompts as well as type of family shots

  • Posing into Waves: before and after demonstration on specific posing tips, how to do safe in water shots 


Rylyn Delaney

The Art of Street Photography

This course covers extensively on how to do street photography, what to look for with behind the scene footages, examples and safety as well as legal process is included.

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Amelia Hamilton

Graduating into the World: Senior Portraits

This course has several behind the scenes footages with photo samples from those sessions. Tips on posing- both on video and PDF as well as props and clothings are covered. In addition, demonstration of editing through Lightroom and how workflow is done with culling and saving your files in the most organized way possible.

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Julian S Moiwai

Capturing with Your Camera in the Sky:

Drone Photography

Drone photography techniques are covered here with real life examples and tips. Also covered in this course are the legal rules of the sky and best practices on drone flying safety.

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Ali Mojahedi

Techniques into the Night

Understanding how to use your camera when taking photos in the dark, how to use slow shutter speed and some studio photography. All will be provided with real time examples as well as photo examples and PDFs.



Lauren Benedict Mowl

Capturing the Essence of a Couple: Couples Photography

Several couples real time footages with clear tips given on site. The goal is to capture the couples by paying attention to details, posing them right and making them comfortable. Photo examples are given as well as posing tips through PDFs.

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Sami Liddick

The Art of Self Portraiture: Fine Art Photography

How to be creative when taking self portraits through self-timer and composite techniques on Photoshop Screen recording of Photoshop with . real time with photo examples are provided as well as PDF with tips. 

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Tiffany Saccente

intimated&unscripted: moody portraitures

Different models used through real time footage, with creative objects and posing tips to make your subjects more emotive and your photos more storytelling through moods.



Jojo Savea

The Fun in Adventure Photography

This course focuses on how you can take photos while on an adventure for yourself or with clients. In depth information on how to leave no trace, how to work with lights at the location's surroundings and how to scout for the right ones.



Tate Tullier

Creativity into the Zone: How to Take Creative Shots Anytime and Anywhere

There are spots that are photogenic, everywhere and anytime, this course tells you how to pay attention to those details and how to creatively capture art, especially to think outside of the box. Real time examples as well as photo examples.


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