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The word, meraki, in greek means: doing something with your soul, creativity and love and then you put something of yourself into what you are doing or creating, in this case, photos.

So, with the concept meraki being the keyword, the idea finding meraki was born. We want you to find your soul, your passion and to encourage your love in creating art and to give you a way to make something that is the best piece of you.


The main reason for the founding of finding meraki online courses was to make it 100% accessible for all. After years of trying to learn through online retreats, workshops or conferences- it was hard and exhausting. 90% of them did not offer captions or interpreters, some offered subtitles, but were based on sounds which meant the captions were really wonky. It was not until some of us took an online course that offered subtitles and that we finally were able to elevate our photography into a higher level. 


All the teachers on this team are Deaf, talented with years of experiences in their fields and are very excited to impart their knowledge with the attendees. They poured their hearts and souls into creating their videos for the self-paced online classes. Now everything is completed and ready for you. We hope that you will be as inspired as us and that your works and skills elevate after practicing what you've learned. Also, that you will get to share your love in photography to the rest of the world as well.


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