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Clare Cassidy is a passionate lady who is fearless in pursuing her dreams and goals. She also does not like being in the comfort zone, which helps her in her photography career. She truly believes that art is vital to humanity and expresses herself through her photos. 


She also LOVES to share her experience and her knowledge, if you’ve already met her, you would describe her as an avid lover for storytelling, be it through images or in her tales she shared, she just HAS to share them. Also, she has such a zest for life and doesn’t mind if her friends and followers live vicariously through her. 


Her life journey includes living in the Philippines, in 7 different states and/or main cities such as Florida, DC, Boston, Seattle, the Bay Area in California… she attended different colleges such as Ohlone Community college, Gallaudet University and NTID/RIT. She taught at California School for the Deaf, Fremont for 12 years before deciding to fully invest herself into the art world, as a photographer.


On her journeys, she drags her husband and three children with her. Once took her three kids out of school for a year and traveled across the states while living in the RV. She is at her happiest when she travels and document it.


She combined her passion in teaching and photography and gave birth to the finding meraki online. 


The main reason for the founding of finding meraki online courses was to make it 100% accessible for all. After years of trying to learn through online retreats, workshops or conferences- it was hard and exhausting. 90% of them did not offer captions or interpreters, some offered subtitles but were based on sounds which meant the captions were really wonky. It was not until she took an online course that offered subtitles and that she finally was able to elevate her photography into a higher level. 


It was very important for her to share her knowledge and experience and to have it done through all methods, sign language, subtitles and voice overs. 


She has poured her heart and soul into this, collecting and studying for a year to make this happen. Now, it’s complete and ready for you. None of this would have gone on further without you. She is filled with gratitude that you are trusting her, investing your time and money into her passion. In the end, she hopes that you will be inspired and that your works and skills will elevate. Also, that you will get to share your love in photography to the rest of the world as well.

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