What equipment will I need for the courses?


The courses cover a variety of areas that would work for ANY devices that take photos. In the course, it is strongly recommended to shoot in RAW. However, if you’re using a smartphone, there are plenty of photography tips such as composition, prompts and posing tips. The courses are geared for a variety of people who want to learn how to take photos, for those who want to improve their business or elevate their photography skills as well as for those who want to learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop. 


The videos are shown through the website and there are forums which you can participate in through a computer or a smartphone.

What skills do I need?

The courses cover skills for those who have absolutely no idea what to do to those who are already considering themselves as a professional. Nobody ever stops learning and even those who already are so talented, still need practice. As for those who are beginners, there are basics covered in those courses: how to use your DSLR camera and how to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop. Also, a lot of how tos are shown through behind the scene footage as well as photo samples for comparison. In the end, you’re able to participate in the forums to ask questions, to share and request for critiques if any.

How long are the courses?

The videos vary, some are 20 minutes long, some are longer or less. The total time of videos offered online is 180 minutes. The plus side of this online course being self-paced is, you can choose when to watch at any time and you can choose what videos you want to learn from. There are no requirements in watching one video to the next. It’s 100% self paced and tailored to your preferences. 

What makes this photography online courses different from what is already out there?

Accessibility, that’s it. There are no other online tutorials that are offered in sign language. Seriously, none in this entire world has online classes fully signed  in regards to photography. Not just sign language, English text and English voiceovers are also included. 

I am not a professional photographer, I just want to learn how to take photos for my personal reasons. Will the courses be a good fit for someone like me?

Absolutely. There are courses across the board that cover different tips. Such as, in the Lifestyle at Home course, the idea of being a fly on the wall with a camera is discussed. Also, tips on how to use natural lights in the house as well as what activities you can do to capture meaningful moments that are personal. As for the portraiture section, there’s so many tips on how to pose if needed. The ages covered in that course are 5 years old, 10 years old, a teen and an adult. The tips would be helpful for you to know when taking a shot of a kid or of someone you love. In addition to that, there is a course on maternity that also covered a lot on how to capture emotions and connections. The tips and examples will benefit anyone who wants to take meaningful photos.

What am I paying for in the Elevated Package because it seems pricey!??

You are paying for 180 plus minutes of online courses that covers almost ALL important aspects in photography. The topics covered are from the photographer’s experience, knowledge and skills. Also, that photographer took several online courses and live conferences and retreats that cost thousands of dollars for her. She is sharing what she learned with you through sign language. In addition to that package, you will have discounts to her Lightroom presets, the meraki bundle, as well as a discount on a mentorship with her. See about those items in discount through this page. Plus, you get to discuss with the photographer and other students through the forum. The forum will allow you to share your photos and even videos so you can get clarification as well as feedback if you desire. The courses also comes with reflections worksheet so you can better retain what you’ve learned and apply them, immediately elevating your knowledge and skills. The results will be evident.

How long is my membership good for?


The courses will be good for one year. The forum discussions and the online videos will be taken down in March 2021. That gives you plenty of time to take your courses, to practice and to work with others. The instagram, findingmerakis, is permanent and you can get yourself featured there if you post a photo from practice and tag @findingmerakis with the hashtag, #findingmerakionline 

Can I share the videos to people outside the membership?


No, you absolutely cannot.  It is not a victimless crime. Think of it like how you’d violate the law when you pirate a movie from Hollywood. As you register, you will read a “Code of Honor” contract and click to proceed, which makes you legally bound to not pirate and share. If done so, legal actions will be taken.

Can I have payment plans?


You can purchase the plans using your credit card or PayPal payment plans. 

I bought the Emerging package and I think I want to learn more, can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely YES! If you decide to purchase Emerging Package or Individual courses and then want to get more videos, you can upgrade your plan by paying the difference. This can be done by contacting us.

Will there be future online courses after this?


I hope so. It depends entirely on this first batch. I have a vision that the next year’s courses will be more broader and include different Deaf photographers from the world, as well as Deaf filmmakers. It would be awesome to have both mediums through this 100% accessible online course. I’d have to hire people and build a fabulous team and it depends entirely on this current batch. 

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