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the art of self portraiture:

fine art photography

keywords of this course:

  • How to be creative when taking self portraits through self-timer

  • Screen recording with real time discussion on how to use Photoshop

  • Fine art composite techniques on Photoshop

  • Photo samples with step by step PDFs

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 7.31.52 PM.png

Course Information

About Me

Tip I wish I knew when I started this niche:

It is all right to be burned out for a while and not to do photography. It happens sometimes and let it be until you feel ready to back. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Fun fact about me:

I own a badass bearded dragon named Rey.

My gears:

  • Fujifilm TX20

  • Rokinon 35mm 1.2 and fuji 18-55mm

My editing platform:

  • Photoshop


Studio or natural lights:

natural lights! Always

My favorite Instagram accounts:

@_gingercake @melaamory

More Tidbits

Hot question:

How did you do that (on my composite images)?

My answer:

I use photoshop and self-taught by studying videos on youtube and played around in photoshop

My Social Media account:



My Website

  • Instagram
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