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Lightroom Mobile Class

Lightroom Mobile Class

Learn how to use your Lightroom Mobile app with your smartphones. You can learn the power of editing and effortlessly elevate your photos at your fingertips. This package includes up to one hour of personal tutoring through zoom, where Clare will demonstrate how to use the app and allow you to practice as she gives constructive feedback.  The lessons taught will be: use of lights (exposure, contrast, highlights adn shadows), Hue/Saturation/Luminance (color wheel) and how to create your own presets for quicker editing. In addition to this class, you'll get a PDF on keywords and tips.


This package can be split up to 5 people scheduled in the same hour (the perks of using zoom is, you can get anyone to join anywhere in the world without having to be together in the same room). This would be a great way to have an undivided attention from Clare as she teaches and as you practice.


Those who took this class will have 15% off access code to 15 minutes or 30 minutes Feedback Session.


  • Zoom

    This class will be done through Zoom session, it is recommended to have the zoom on a desktop so you can use your phone as you practice.

  • Lr app on smartphones

    Download the Lr app, which is free, before class

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