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the fun in adventure photography

keywords of this course:

  • how you can take photos while on an adventure for yourself or with clients.

  • In depth information on how to leave no trace

  • how to work with lights at the location's surroundings

  • how to scout for the right ones

  • behind the scene footages with photo samples 


About Me

Tip I wish I knew when I started this niche:

Post what you want to take pictures of because that is what people are going to ask you to do more of. You wanna do more adventure photography? get out there and take pictures of your friends having fun outdoors and you'll eventually get paid clients who wanted the same.

Fun fact about me:

I'm superb good at origami.

My gears:

  • Sony A7rii

  • Go to lens: Sony FE Zoom 24-70mm f/2.8 GM

My gears when I am willing to lug around:

  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM,

  • Sony E-mount adapter

  • Mavic Pro Drone

  • Brevite backpack, Manfrotto Befree Travel Tripod

  • JOBY GorillaPod Tripod, and Sandals


Studio or natural lights:

Natural lights bruhhh

My favorite Instagram accounts:

@natashamackfilms @jefferson.astle

More Tidbits

Hot question:


How do you always find cool places to take pictures at??


My answer:

A lot of lurking on social media. Geo-tag, reading through the comments, or sending direct messages. I google everything. I even join local Facebook photographer group to keep eyes out on good location post. It helps that I got two aussies to explore new places.

My Social Media account:



links coming soon

  • Instagram
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