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clare cassidy

Three Different Courses

  • Writing with Lights: Understanding Types of Lights

  • The Elements of a Beach Session

  • Emotive & Storytelling Images: Family Session

  • Teacher will have 4 live zoom meetings scheduled (coming soon)


Keywords of Writing with Lights:​

  • Harsh lights

  • Rim lights

  • Filtered lights

  • Pockets of lights

  • Golden hour

  • Blue hour

  • Behind the scene footages with on site explanation and photo examples

  • Bonus feature: using creative objects 

Keywords of Elements of a Beach Session:​

  • Timing of lights (Harsh lights, Golden hour and Blue hour)

  • What elements make a beach sessions different from others

  • Behind the scene footages with on site explanation and photo examples

  • How to make storytelling images during harsh lights

  • Some safety tips are covered here

Keywords of Emotive & Storytelling Family Portraitures​

  • Steps in pre-session planning

  • How to ask right questions or give prompts to draw genuine emotions

  • How to make sessions fun and meaningful

  • Styling

  • Type of photos in a family session

  • The workflow of a family session

About Me

Tip I wish I knew when I started this niche:

Stick with posting what you LOVE on your social media wall, so you'd be getting ideal clients and not feel too burned out by doing gigs you don't enjoy. Also, feeling burned out is totally normal, when that happens, pause and reflect on why and then make changes... it isn't a bad thing to do so.

Fun fact about me:

I grew up wishing I could be an opera singer (I still do).

My gears:

  • Nikon D750

  • Nikon D850

  • Sony a7iii (new)

My  lenses:

  • go to: 35mm Sigma art 1.4 for both Nikon and Sony

  • Favorite lens for details: Nikkor 105mm 2.8

  • Fun lens: Lensbaby Sol 45


Studio or natural lights:

Natural lights, always

My favorite Instagram accounts:

@somethingrad, @laceycherie @tarahsweeney

@seriesoflight @meg_nlo @chloelodgephotographer 

More Tidbits

Hot questions and answers:

Q: How do you make sure your images are not washed out in harsh lights?

A:  Understanding how to meter your highlights is the best advice I can give. Make sure as you shoot, the highlights is metered correctly, don't worry about the other spots being underexposed, you can fix that post-edit.

Q: How do you get those real emotions showing up in your clients' photos?

A: I ask them questions that will have them respond with natural emotions, my questions can be silly or emotional such as, tell me your favorite thing about your dad? or who is the silliest person? When they think of answers and respond, the emotions will emerge and I capture that.

Q: How do you get those amazing skies?!

A:  It's the power of editing! I always shoot with post edit in mind, which means, I focus on the sky (if it is cloudy) to make sure it is metered right. 99% of my images are underexposed, then when I edit, I use specific mask tools in Lightroom to bring out the skies even more.

My Social Media account:




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My website

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