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cat cassidy

all within the palm of your hand

keywords of this course:

  • how to capture images using specific features on your iPhone 

  • how to notice creative shots while at home or in a documentary format

  • real time footage of editing through Lightroom Mobile

  • before and after photo samples

  • in depth explanations on how each shots were achieved

  • this course offers 2 scheduled live zoom sessions on June 3 and 10

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Course Information

About Me

Tip I wish I knew when I started this niche:

Always shoot in RAW and save your RAW because how you edit changes over time. You would want to go back and edit old pictures.

Fun fact about me:

If I could be anything, I would want to be a part of terraforming Mars.

My gears:

  • Nikon D750

  • 1.4 Sigma 30 mm lens

  • 2.8 24-70mm Nikon lens

  • Sony a7iii

  • 1.8 35mm lens

  • iphone pro 11

My editing platform:

  • Lightroom Mobile App

  • Leap editing apps


Studio or natural lights:

Natural lights 

My favorite Instagram accounts:

@ifyouwereachild and @knowthismind

More Tidbits

Hot question:

How do I sync my presets/ what are presets?

My answer:

Presets are a shortcut to editing your own pictures. You can download them or create them.

My Social Media account:



My Website

  • Instagram
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