elevate package 

Total 210 minutes • Forums • PDFs

Are you already a photographer and want to elevate your styles, skills and business? This is the place to go. In this package, you will have access to all 11 videos, online discussion with the teacher and other students through forum and a workbook.

Bonus to This Package  

  • 50% discount on the meraki presets

  • 20% discount on a mentorship with Clare


The Videos 

  • Camera 101

  • Editing Workflow

  • The Mind of an Entrepreneur

  • Portraiture

  • Maternity

  • Newborn Safety

  • Challenging Newborns

  • Newborn Workflow

  • Couples Portraiture

  • Family Session

  • In-home Lifestyle

emerging package

Total 100 minutes • forums • PDFs

This package is geared for those who want to learn how to use their cameras and how to edit their photos to make it more artistic and professional looking. Also, those who want to take photos for personal reasons, but still make them as beautiful at a professional level.

Bonus to This Package 

  • 20% discount on the meraki presets

  • 10% discount on a mentorship with Clare

The Videos 

  • Camera 101

  • Editing Workflow

  • Portraiture

  • In-home Lifestyle

individual courses

camera 101

25 minutes • forum • PDF

basics of camera’s manual settings such as ISO, shutter speed and f/stop. In addition, the importance on the type of lens is included. Note, the photographer uses Nikon, but the basics discussed applies to all DSLRs


editing workflow

22 minutes • forum • PDF

you’ll have a glimpse of how clare cassidy edits her photos through  both Lightroom and Photoshop. Keywords are explained and a screen-record of her computer screen is shown. The use of presets, editing basics such as highlight, shadow, H/S/L are covered in depth. 



21 minutes • forum • PDF

plenty of tips on how to capture emotions and connections through maternity photography. Individual shots as well as with a partner are included. As a bonus, three mini lessons: how to use backlit light when photographing in harsh sunny environments, how to use extreme weather to your advantage as well as capturing the essence of a maternity session that’s also a family session.

newborn bundle

46 minutes • forum • PDF

Newborn Safety: covers important safety tips to ensure that both the baby is safe and that you’re not risking your liability as a photographer. 

Newborn Workflow: tips include safety, touching the baby the right way as you move through poses and what to look for while taking photos. And finally, Challenging Newborns: tips on how to photograph newborns when they are fussy. In addition to this course, tips on how to include parents and siblings with the newborn.


21 minutes • forum • PDF

this course covers extensively on how to work through a family session with a “grandparent list.” The list includes sets of photos and how to smoothly run through them by directing and giving prompts. In addition to the family session, tips on how to capture in-between moments throughout the session. Mini Lessons: how to work with a shy kid and how to do a pre-session consultation to know the family’s personalities before the session.


20 minutes • forum • PDF

behind the scene footage of photographing a family in their home. This is where you basically are a fly-on-the-wall with minimal directing. Tips in giving prompts and how to capture the essence of a family through pre-session is also covered in this course. 


19 minutes • forum • PDF

this course has two behind the scenes footage with 2 different couples. The video will show how to direct and give prompts to capture the authenticity of the lovebirds. Mini Lesson: Dos and Don’ts with posing, creative storytelling shots and what angles to shoot in when doing couples.


33 minutes • forum • PDF

how to take meaningful portraitures with adults or children with plenty of photo samples that are both business and personal. How to give directions when posing, dos and don'ts are also included. Mini lessons in this video are, use of lights in achieving mood and art. Also, a portion of how to use Photoshop when it comes to editing portraits.

mind of an entrepreneur

20 minutes • forum • PDF

This course focuses solely on how you can build your business through different avenues: social media, style branding, contracts and communications system. The concept of how to run your business even if it is a passion is also covered. 

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